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I am a remotely based bilingual translator/interpreter Spanish/English with fluency in French and good time management skills. I offer flexibility, responsiveness and high-quality work. I am reachable via email or whatsapp.

My job...


My services consist of text translation in the following language combinations from French or English to Spanish/ or from either French or Spanish to English. Such as the following types: Literary, speeches, contracts, dissertations, articles, websites, manuals and brochures.

Copywriting Localisation

I will adapt your content according to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of your target audience, whether Spanish (Latam) or English (UK) speaking. I am here to help communicate your ideas in a more effective and clear way so then you can engage your target audience in a powerful way.

Proofreading & Editing (EN, UK and ES, Latam)

I will check your content or documents in English or Spanish for grammatical, spelling, punctuation mistakes, and wordiness, then harmonize it according to your request. I will make sure it reads fluidly, that is error-free and presented at its best following your demand.

Transcription and Translation of audio and video to text

This service consists of translating audio or video recordings content to text, such as from press conferences, seminars or interviews. I propose my translation services to make transcripts from English into Spanish, Spanish into English, French into Spanish or French into English.


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You can reach me at : contact@pfredestranslations.com