I am a freelance translator and Interpreter. I gained my experience by believing in my dreams, taking a chance to travel the world looking to learn new things.

Enchanted by different places and people I settled in the UK, followed a study and work placement at the University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès in France, then moved to Belgium to work in the area of politics. From all these experiences I acquired a native level of English (as a second language), a fluent command of French, and learned of my fellow world citizens' rich cultural backgrounds.  

I believe strongly that we are born to be free and creative, with the natural ability to acquire multiple language skills through practice.


I graduated with a Bachelors Degree (Honours) in Applied Linguistics in 2009, from the University of Portsmouth.

My studies covered subjects in the areas of Linguistics and Social Sciences. On the side of Linguistics, included Translation, Consecutive Interpreting, teaching of English as a foreign language, and French studies.

On the side of Social Sciences, the subjects of focus were politics, the historical perspective of Language evolution in Europe, and its impact in the world through Colonialism, Bilingualism and Second language acquisition. 

My subject thesis was in the Sociolinguistics field, "The Linguistic and Social Integration of Ethnic minorities in Contemporary Europe: A comparative study of England and France".


During my studies my knowledge of languages allowed me to find work and practice as a community interpreter, translator, proof-reader, Teaching Assistant, and as a private English/Spanish language tutor on a freelance basis.

I have also worked extensively in the area of Politics and EU Affairs: Lobbies, trade associations, NGO's and EU institutions and possess a solid knowledge of the political and legal lexicon.