Translation services


I propose professional translation services from French and English to Spanish, and French and Spanish to English. The aim is to reproduce content into the target language that is error-free and accurate whilst keeping always the original message of the source text.

The text types covered, are factual and narrative: Such as articles, doctoral thesis, publications,  presentations, manuals, guides, brochures, newsletters, advertising content, company report (annual and quarterly reports), disclosure requirements, contracts, websites, trilingual SEO, AdWords.

My areas of specialisation are Social sciences, Tourism, Finance, Business.


Proofreading / Edition (Includes formatting)

It consists of proofreading content or documents to check for the following mistakes: Grammar, spelling, syntax, wordiness, typographic, terminology, and style.

Making sure your content or document is well presented intelligible and that it can be read fluidly.


Copywriting Localisation

The advertising copywriting is mainly dedicated to content for marketing purposes. Content which in addition to translation subsequently requires localization so then it can serve to target a foreign audience and in turn increase traffic to your website and/ or social media pages.

As a translator, I must make sure I deliver accurate and error-free content in the target language and ensure that the original message delivered to the target audience is of the highest quality.

However, content localization is much more than just a translation. It is about adapting the message to a local audience, taking into account its cultural identity and the local version of the language, so it means customizing your message. A reasonable knowledge of the cultural aspects of the target audience is required besides the ability to conduct research on the evolution of the local language. This is to make sure that the language used in the message, e.g. idioms, is as current as possible; considering that language evolves together with the new generations.

Copywriting translation is primarily used for websites, social media, marketing, IT, and multimedia content.

My target audience is Spanish speaking Latin America and English speaking, from United Kingdom.


Additional Services

SEO Optimisation

As an additional service, we also propose website optimization aimed to attract new qualified visitors (we offer 10+ years of experience). Email us for more informations.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design For new creations of visual materials and a complete overhaul of your website.